Sunday, August 2, 2009

Submission: Accepted

Recently I learned that my flash fiction piece that I penned earlier this year, 'Taken' was accepted for Antipodean SF's December issue (#138). I was satisfied with how the story turned out and I was also pleased that Ion's editorial suggestions were very minor (I must be doing something right).

I'm currently shopping around 'Hugo: Man of a Thousand Faces' to prospective markets and I have many ideas I have made notes on for future projects. The ideas simply will not leave me alone. My current project is a lengthier piece that I have given the working title of 'Flight 147.' I'm ready to start my rough draft (in longhand so I can get into a good 'fugue' and let the words flood onto the page without worrying about word count or editing).

What else? Hmmm.....I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of my copy of 'The Complete Stephen King Universe' I purchased from Amazon not long ago which is probably the most complete and detailed book on Uncle Stevie's work yet. Can't wait.


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