Sunday, October 25, 2009

Archangel Is A Go

Right now I am gearing up for my first ever attempt at NanoWriMo with my new project, 'Archangel.' This novel is not going to be a horror story, surprisingly enough. I guess you could say it would fit into the techno-thriller category.

With six days to go I'm nervous but I'm sure I'll be fine.

My strategy is simple. I won't be focusing on a rigid structure, I'll just be pouring everything into it and can fix it up later. There are some scenes that I have more than one idea on so I plan on putting all the ideas into the story to aid in my word count. Then hopefully by the end of November I will have a lump of workable clay I can mould into something publishable - even if it takes a year, at least I would have written a novel in 31 days.

Wish me luck.

BTW, Matthew Reilly's latest novel 'The Five Greatest Warriors' is awesome! I picked up my copy on Tuesday and finished it Thursday. go out and grab it!

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